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polite   Confidence: 0
This utterance has lots of uses; it is not necessarily meant as a request. The algorithm's results might be unreliable as a result.
Thank you for helping improve our model Politeness is a subtle and subjective phenomenon. Help improve the model. Do you think this utterance is:  

Sample Requests

Thank you for the response. Would you be willing to add a few more details to explain further?

polite   Algorithm's Confidence: 97%

That's the only answer you have? seriously? can't you do better?

impolite   Algorithm's Confidence: 79%

How many times do i have to revert you before you stop? do you want to get blocked?

impolite   Algorithm's Confidence: 72%

Splendid work so far! do you have a copy of that reference or should I just use the library's?

polite   Algorithm's Confidence: 73%

Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil   •   Moritz Sudhof   •   Dan Jurafsky   •   Jure Leskovec   •   Christopher Potts